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BlueRidge Balance Professionals Group

Evolving & Developing Group Practice located in Boiling Springs NC

Accepting Clients Late Fall 2023.

Welcome to our home. We have created a special place just for you. 

Join our Developing Team
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Therapy Sessions

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or usually just "therapy," is a form of treatment aimed at relieving emotional distress and mental health problems. Provided by any of a variety of trained professionals—psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, or licensed counselors—it involves examining and gaining insight into life choices and difficulties faced by individuals, couples, or families. Therapy sessions refer to structured meetings between a licensed provider and a client with a goal of improving some aspect of their life. Psychotherapy encompasses many types of treatment and is practiced by a range of clinicians using a variety of strategies. The critical aspect is that the client or patient works collaboratively with the therapist and can identify improvement and positive change over time.

Most therapies in wide use have been well-tested and deemed effective. Though it may at first feel difficult to seek out therapy—especially for those of low-income or without comprehensive insurance—the benefits of successful therapy are literally life-changing.


When someone is addicted to alcohol or drugs, the immediate and systemic negative effects are not just felt by the substance user. Addiction inevitably affects those closest to the substance user and can be equally devastating to the family members and their quality of life.

Families, often in uncharted territory, begin the coping process with maladaptive thoughts and strategies. The addicted loved one seeks to manipulate and mold the family into a counterproductive mechanism that provides comfort to the substance user while sowing confusion, anger, and uncertainty within the family.  

The process of intervention seeks to help families understand why they have waited as long as they have before trying something different. Substance users are almost never able to manage their addiction on their own.

Dream Crafting

Investing in Life Coaching is the bonus round of being a good human.  It is saying that you believe you're a good lump of you and with the right time, activities and disciplines you can be a great human for other humans.  That is a worthy pursuit in this blessing of life and thank you for realizing you are worth it.  Everyone, including you benefits from acknowleding a life coach is a great investment in you and the world at large.  Thank you for getting yourself a coach, you're worth it, you're an ongoing rock star.


When are we as humans going to get real and stand up and say, "Every Human Needs A Sabbatical".  Somewhere along the line we misplaced the reality that humans need time outs.  It's not a bad thing, it's an awesome opportunity.  Humans need some time and space to evaluate themselves, that's part of being a good human.  Taking a beat to stop and think about the human we are and the human we can be.  Lets make taking some time and space a reality.  Sabbaticals are soul food and as humans we need nourishment to grow up.  Here at Blueridge Balance we can show you and help you make sabbaticals a part of your life.  Affordably, practically and worthwhile of your time, a real good opportunity to better the world by taking the time and space to better yourself.  

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Our Approach

We acknowledge the profound impact of mental illness on individuals and their loved ones. No one should have to endure the burden of untreated mental health conditions, which can strain relationships and hinder overall well-being. Mental illness is a genuine and debilitating condition, and our mission is to help you overcome it and regain a fulfilling and balanced life.

BlueRidge Balance is a behavioral health and therapeutic consulting practice located in Boiling Springs NC outside of Shelby NC proper. We are 40 minutes east of the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC & within one hour commute to Asheville Regional, Charlotte International & Greenville/ Spartanburg Airports.


We provide evaluations, psychotherapy, family therapy, interventions, and educational/therapeutic consulting services to those suffering from substance use and other mental health disorders. Our mission is to offer expert concierge level support to families to ensure that those who need our services benefit from our 20 years of experience in treating and working with individuals and families suffering with complex substance use disorders and mental illness.


We have over 2800 square feet (about the area of a tennis court) of office space consisting of 6 private therapy offices, a warm reception area, a group room to host 7 participants, kitchen, and break room. The building is zoned commercial, and we are connected to Pediatric Medical Practice. We are located two blocks from Gardner Webb University. 

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Our Vision

What’s your intention?

Our vision of optimum when it comes to our business is a vision of you.  A self-actualized you.  A prouder, stronger, more thoughtful and more joyful you.  It's you with a little more curiosity, excitement, patience and humbleness, it's you, new and improved.  Not like you aren't already wonderful, with all your quirks and kinks but it's that you who looked at you and said, "let's make this even better big you" and joyfully got along with the process. 

Getting Help

Recognizing the unique needs of each person and their situation, BlueRidge Balance Professionals Group combines holistic practices with traditional psychological methodology to craft a course of health & healing that embraces the whole of the body, mind & spirit. Click the heart to learn how we can help you!




Self Esteem




Anger Management


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