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Companion Traveler Services
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Leaving an addiction treatment program or traveling to a treatment center presents a significant risk for individuals in addiction recovery. Some may be tempted to give in to their addiction “just one last time” or mistakenly think they’ve gained control over their addiction. Without the right support, weeks or months of progress on the road to recovery can dissolve with one trip gone wrong.



The decision to use transport services to get a teen into a treatment program has to be made carefully by a parent, based on knowing your teen and learning about the services available.

There are no firm guidelines for when to use or not use this service, but in most cases, this type of intervention is best suited for teens who are mean, aggressive, defiant, manipulative, angry or hostile.


Other candidates for being escorted are teens who are abusing substances or have a history of illegal behavior or running away. Parents are advised to be careful in making this choice and to only consider using a service that is focused on transporting teens in a positive manner, as it could do more harm than good in these cases.

Hiring a therapeutic teen transport service is often a last resort but it doesn't need to be a negative experience and many times may be the only way to get a troubled teen the help they desperately need. This option is most often used for potentially volatile teens, but should also be considered for teens in need of extra support or when there is uncertainty about how a teen may react.

Adolescents & Teens

Companion Traveler Service for Senior Adults


It’s important that you arm yourself with information that can be beneficial to finding transportation that will get you to where you are going safely. From so many companies out there it’s important to do your homework. If you are trying to maintain your independent lifestyle, senior transportation may be the choice for you. Even if you may not be completely independent anymore, a lot of driving services offer services beyond just driving you from place to place. Consider senior transportation and maintain the lifestyle you want.

We will take care of arranging flights, rental cars, hotels, and whatever else is necessary to get your self or your loved one safely to their destination. We will always utilize the most economical methods of travel available to us, unless you request otherwise. We will take care of the logistical details and provide you with a single invoice so you can stay focused on the recovery process.

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